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Xmas Tap Room Opening


We're throwing open the doors to the brewery to celebrate the countdown to Xmas proper.

Alongside a host of Xmas goodies we'll also have each of the beers from our Ghost of Xmas range: 

Ghost of Xmas Future (2016 & 2017 Vintages)

Two big bold beautiful barleywines.  Drink last year's vintage this Xmas and lay down this year's until the next. Or longer if you're a patient sort - they will age wonderfully like a fine wine for many, many years to come.

Ghost of Xmas Past (2016 Vintage)

A historical double brown stout resurrected from an 1872 recipe.  

Ghost of Xmas Present (2017 Vintage)

Lots and lots of hops in this super fresh pale ale.  Drink this Xmas while the hops are at their best.

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