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We are Boutilliers, three former home brewers in the form of Rich, Phil and Drew (because we’re too busy brewing to be dealing with names with more than one syllable.)

Founded by Phil and Rich in the halcyon days of 2016, giving up (respectively) a job in the civil service and a dream move to sunny sunny Spain, to sling malt and hops in a shed behind a farmers’ market in Faversham.

We have a passion for beer… Yeah, sure, EVERYONE’S got a passion for beer, right? What makes us different?

Well, we never make core beers, we make something different every time we brew.

We utilise the bounty of our beautiful surroundings because, as gorgeous as Citra/Mosaic/Centennial are, we’ve got local fruit, local hops, local suppliers, local artisans and a plethora of foraging spots. Kent is a playground for those who are willing to look closely.

We seek progression and creativity, quality and fun.

We could define ourselves as modern or seasonal or craft or artisanal but we just brew what we love and love what we brew…What’s the word for that?